Jump Desktop (RDP, VNC, Fluid) App Reviews

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Best RDP client on Mac

Best RDP client on Mac


We have a Windows server at work and I needed a remote desktop application to connect when not in the office … using Jump I can work from home on the Mac or from anywhere on the iPad or iPhone … so I read the great reviews for Jump and found the courage to pay the $29.99, and was pleasantly suprised when it worked better than the computer at the office! No problems, would definitely recommend you buy it.


saw so many low ratings on apps like this one, but jump had so many top ratings. Even though it seemed pricey, all rating were top notch. So i went for it, and so not disappointed. Works everytime from my MacBook Pro. Highly recommend!!!!!!

Works great and easy to use

Easy to setup and use, great performance, works great for both RDP and VNC and even over SSH!

Best RDP client for OSX period

Up and running. Everything works flawless. Easy config, great performance. Im using this app for months now and didnt expirience any issues at all. Great product worth its price. Thank you!

I cant see my Wall paper Picture when i connect ? Help !

when I connect from my mac to windows I cant see my wall paper picture , is that normal or am i doing something wrong ? when I connect from my window to windows on a different app i see it clearly . other than that it works pretty well

Excellent RDP app!

I use this on my Macs and iOS devices for remoting into work computers and servers. It is a fantastic app that is astoundingly simple to setup and use. This is a very solid app, both on OS X and iOS, and I recommend it to anyone using VNC or RDP, especially for Windows PCs.

Reliable, fast; best RDP and VNC client

I’ve tried many different RDP and VNC clients, but Jump Desktop is the most reliable, fastest, and easiest to use. I use it every day to simultaneously connect to my remote Windows 7 desktop over RDP and to my Ubuntu Linux desktop over VNC. Full screen mode works great with multiple monitors — that is, I use my Macbook Pro with a secondary monitor, and when I connect from my Mac to my Windows box in full screen mode over RDP, Jump Desktop is able to use both of the monitors on my Mac — even when the remote Windows box is only running a single monitor. Jump Desktop is also able to interact with the clipboard on the Mac and remote machines. For example, I can copy something on my Mac and paste it in Windows, and vice versa. Finally, it’s also worth noting that the iOS version of Jump Desktop is just as solid and reliable. Highly recommended!

Best RDP/VNC client for OS X!

Best RDP/VNC client for OS X!

Very reliable.

Very Reliable and dependable.

The best RDP!

I have been using Windows Remote Desktop for years. It’s slow and really not workable. After doing research I found this app. Man what a world of change! I love Jump Desktop! It is reliable, fast and does things like mac keyboard mapping on my Windows. I bought and paid, and will never look back.

Works as expected...

In a world of flaky apps and operating systems, it’s a joy to have one app that just works and is easy to configure use. Thanks PhaseFive Systems.

An Amazing Remote Desktop Client

This program has to be one of the best apps on the Mac App store. I am a developer/writer who has to work with multiple operating systems: Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Jump Desktop works great with all three. Finally, instead of having to use several different remote clients, I can use just one. Definitely worth the price!

Works flawlessly on my phone, pc, mac

I can connect from my any of my devices to any of my mac/PCs and it’s fantastic. Thanks for the wonderful product really makes my life much easier.

Great value! Excellent app!!!

I was trying to find a solution to manage my family’s network. Wife and I using MacOS, 2 daughters with MacOS and son with Windows 10 (gaming is a priority) besides we have a shared file/backup/development server on Linux RH7.2. This application allowed me to access all machines without a problem. Linux Red Hat 7.2 3 MacOS Sierra Macbook Pros 1 Windows 10 Home Ed (with TightVNC)

Amazing Support, Amazing Product

The company as a whole is amazing. Great support for the product. So much better than Microsoft’s own RDP. Everything is so much easier to use, even the animations feel smoother. The remapping of keys is an amazing feature that has been requested from Microsoft for over a year. Retina support is another one that has been requested. TL;DR; very feature rich, works flawlessly. Years ahead of Microsoft’s own RDP software. My only wish, is smooth and horizontal scrolling would be really awesome.

Credential management still a pain, but otherwise ok

Being able to define credentials to use for servers would be useful. When my admin account password changes I have to type it in 100 times; the bulk edit does not appear to allow me to edit this - not sure why - it was disabled so I gave up. Note - not every system uses a single credential - we need the ability to define those or have Jump recognize that domain/user is the same person for every given use of domain/user - not prompt me for 200 servers after a password change. Adding new servers is a wierd UI experience - if I hit + when in a given tag hierarcy, it correctly creates the new connection there, but it bounces the UI context away from the tag I’m on and I have to go back again - kind of irritating when you need to add 5 boxes quickly. Other than that, this works pretty well for me. Enough that I no longer run windows very often (I used to use it to run the remote desktop connection manager app and not much else).

The only viable RDP option for Mac

I’ve tried to find a stable and effective RDP client for Mac over the past few days and have been met with nothing but failure. Consider the seemingly simple use case of connecting to Windows 2016 via RDP from a 2015-era MacBook Pro with dual Thunderbolt displays: The original Microsoft RDP client shouldve worked but fails with security errors (TLS-related) when attempting to initialize it’s connection. The new Microsoft RDP client, currently in beta, should’ve worked but amongst other problems it can’t run an RDP window in full-screen without highjacking and blacking out all other secondary displays. Other off brand RDP clients like RoyalTX should’ve worked but they crash constantly and also run into problems in full-screen mode. Jump Desktop is seriously the only viable RDP option for Mac as of 2016-12-06. Kudos to developers.


Seriously…don’t count on this app for anything. It’ll work one minute and not the second. I have fast internet connections (hardwired and wireless) at each end and it lags and cuts out all the time. Have to drive an hour back to work just to get a file when I paid $20 for this app. What a POS. More like Jump off a cliff.

Solid New Features

I just love the ability to scale my remote computer’s (a Windows 10 box) display. It looks great on both my retina MacBook Pro and 5k iMac. This now fully utilizes my Mac’s retina monitors without making my remote desktop fuzzy or small!

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